Rolfing Movement

Rolfing Movement is a separate system of work which supports and integrates the same goals as Rolfing itself. Where Rolfing deals with patterns of structure, Rolfing Movement re-educates the body’s movement patterns.


Perhaps you have experienced tension and stress as a result of living in our fast-paced society. Our bodies automatically react to stress by tightening up. People also develop personal habits that unconsciously create additional stress. The way we walk and sit, talk on the phone, carry our children, bend, lift, and even exercise may be working against us.


Rolfing Movement aims to break the sensory blindness of inefficient movement patterns and body habits. The goal of these sessions is to overcome these automated tendencies and to help the body to move in a healthier and more fluid way within day to day life.


Through this educational process using different modalities of touch, gentle guidance, subtle cues, body use and language.
We can begin to relearn  and integrate movement. establishing a new understanding and heightened awareness of your body and its inner habit patterns.


Our body habits reflects our developmental history, which is rooted in our interactions with our environment and culture. Some habitual movement patterns can keep us from experiencing the full richness of our lives. This work facilitates us to move freely, feel more deeply, and realise broader possibilities for expressing ourselves.